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Dope And Dapper Augmented Reality Photobooth

Client :

Dope And Dapper


Year :



Credits :

Art Director :

Michelle Wibowo


App Developer :

Ginanjar Noviawan


Designer :

Mutia Terian


Storyboard Artist :

Dianda Primalita


3D Modeler :

Claresta Lemuella


Rigger :

Sinta Mawarni


3D Animator :

Apriansyah Harisnanda 


Music Composer :

Rian Rahman

We created a unique interactive experience for retail customers with an animated photobooth. The customers would trigger the animation with a set of printed trackers, and take a picture or record a video as the animation played around them. The pictures and videos taken from the photobooth will be displayed on the store’s “Wall of Fame”.


This experience represented the witty and playful store environment as well as the different brands that they carry. We provided the concept, animation, tracker designs, as well as the accompanying application for the client.